Petz Mobile Overview

This is an short video explaining the benefits of Petz Mobile V 2.0. If you have not seen this please watch this BEFORE moving onto the training videos.

Video #1

Retailer Portal Overview 

This help video will familiarize you with the menu items of the Petz Mobile Retailer Portal.

Video #2

Best Practices to Grow Your Sales 

This is probably the most important video to fully understand how to use Petz Mobile. It will walk you through the "Best Practices" that have been learned over the years by other retailers. After watching this you will fully understand the power of Petz Mobile and how to implement it to grow your sales!

Video #3

Getting Followers on Petz Mobile

This video explains what Petz Mobile followers are and how to get as many as possible. Followers are the key to you retaining your customers and bringing them back more often. 

Video #4

What is Coupon Participation

This video explains what it means to participate in both manufacturer and your own store coupons. 

Video #5

Participating in Manufacturer Coupons and Ordering Product 

This video explains how you can participate in the manufacturer coupons. It will also show you how to order product from Phillips and receive the coupon discount off invoice.  

Video #6

How to Create Your Store Coupons

This video will walk you through the process of creating a huge library of your own store digital coupon offers. These are the coupons that are specifically for your followers on Petz Mobile.

Video #7

How to Participate in Your Store Coupons

This video will instruct you on how you select the store coupons you want to go out to your followers each week.  

Video # 8


This video will explain how to know how many followers you have in each category and how to export the coupons you are participating in for a given week.

Video #9 

Changing Your Store Message, Location(s) and Adding Your Logo

This video will show you how you can create a message that all of your followers can immediately view. You will also learn how to change your location information and also upload your company's logo.

Video #10 

How to Submit a Support Ticket

This video will walk you through the process of submitting a support ticket. This is the fastest way to get answers to any questions you may have about using Petz Mobile.

Video #11