About Us

The Mobile Marketing Solution for the Independent Pet Industry

Petz Mobile is a revolutionary, patent pending, mobile marketing solution that bridges the mobile gap between pet product/pet-centric businesses and pet parents.

Utilizing our proprietary technologies, retailer and manufacturer coupons are sent directly to engaged pet parents' mobile phones. Pet parents receive these great offers by simply texting PETZ to 87804. It gets even better: pet parents can receive customized coupons based on the pets they indicated they have in their home.

Petz Mobile, developed their technologies based on one simple belief: there is no reason why consumers in today’s day and age should be receiving content that is not relevant in their lives.

It is with this belief that Petz Mobile was created. Pet parents know that when they join Petz Mobile, not only will they receive relevant retailer and manufacturer coupons based on the pets they have, but those coupons are exclusive to their local community pet stores

Welcome to the world of Petz Mobile.